November 11, 2008

MTV Take Notes

Dear Viacom,

These are the Jonas Brothers. 

They dress nicely. They behave well. They are role models to their fans. They dont advocate teenage sex. Their lyrics are clean and age appropriate. They are HUGELY popular in the United States and around the world. They are making Disney TONS of money. Your music and programming choices should be reflective of their marketing model. Watch them and take note. They are a trend you should follow. 

November 5, 2008

RAND Study Links Sexual TV Content and Teen Pregnancy

A new study released just this month from the RAND Corporation links viewing of sexual content on television to subsequent teen pregnancy. 

Translation: Teens who see lots of sex on TV are more likely to experience their own teen pregnancy. 

What a shocker! 

Viacom's very own pregnant teen:
Jamie Lynn Spears is one of the stars of Nickelodeon, which is Viacom's channel for children. She just had her first baby at 16. She's a child giving birth to her own child. 

The study's lead author states that: 
"Adolescents receive a considerable amount of information about sex through television and that programming typically does not highlight the risks and responsibilities of sex."

The study goes on to say that: 
"Our findings suggest that television may play a significant role in the high rates of teenage pregnancy in the United States."

Most important part of the study:
"The findings hold implications for broadcasters, parents, and health care providers."

MTV and Viacom need to realize they are influencers in our society. Right now they are influencing in a negative way. This needs to be stopped. 

November 3, 2008

Following The Money Case Study: Limp Bizkit

Limp Bizkit was completely the doings of MTV and Viacom. No one else can take credit for their success, which also means they get all the blame for Limp Bizkit's negative effect on America's youth. 

America first got to know Limp Bizkit at Woodstock 1999, which was covered by MTV.  They debuted their popular song "Break Stuff". Not only was this the main theme of the song, but it also caused the fans to take action themselves. 

Following their Woodstock appearance, they were discovered by Jimmy Iovine, Co-Chairman of Interscope Records. He claims his job is to just find what America's kids are craving and packages it to them. But instead, he is always searching for the rawest of raw materials to feed to children. I would say this is corrupting America. He claims its just a popular movement and he just wants to be a part of it. I say stand up for what's right and good for the world.

Then, when an Oregon radio station refused to play their raunchy lyrics, Interscope Records PAID the station to play the song 50 times! 

Limp Bizkit then produced a music video, all funded by Interscope Records of course. This video then premiered on MTV's Total Requests Live (TRL). 

Did I mention, Interscope Records is owned by Viacom, which is MTV's parent company as well. So when Interscope gets Bizkit's video on TRL to drive up sales, everyone benefits. MTV gets more viewers to watch the music video, and Interscope sells more records because viewers saw the band on TRL. Its all one big profit loop for Interscope, MTV, and ultimately Viacom. 

This also exposes MTV's fraud with TRL. That show was supposed to be based on what the viewers/listeners were requesting. This was obviously not the case because MTV is more focused on showing videos from artists under Viacom labels, than genuinely show what viewers want. Total fraud! (Side note: On Oct. 31, 2008 MTV announced their decision to cancel TRL)

MTV and Viacom are totally, one hundred percent behind this group, broadcasting their messages to America's youth. What are those messages? See for yourself... 

November 1, 2008

Sex... With Mom and Dad

Sex ... With Mom and Dad. This is of one of MTV's newest shows. When this title appeared on my TV guide I just about fainted. Sex? With Mom and Dad? The minute I saw this I felt a deep disappointment. This is where our country is going? I couldn't believe it. 

On MTV's website they describe it as a somewhat therapeutic show. A show where families can break down the walls that surround the topic of sex. A show that "proves that if families can talk about sex, they can talk about anything - ultimately breaking down barriers and improving relationships in the process". 

The one... Correction.... The only episode I watched was not as nice and wholesome as the description implies. 

The episode involved a 19-year-old guy who's mother felt his sex life was a bit excessive. The two of them visited the show's doctor, Dr. Drew, who gave them an exercise. 

The two of them were to go on a tour of all the places that her son had had sex. Her son proceeded to take his mother to all his favorite sex spots. Rooftops, the family's kitchen table, even the back seat of his mother's car! And at each location, the description of his activities was somewhat graphic. 

My question is how could the executives at MTV put a show like this on the air, when their target audience has shown to be 12-year-olds. 12-YEAR-OLDS!!!

Because of shows like this, I blame MTV and the executives at Viacom for overly sexualizing our youth culture. They should be ashamed of themselves. 

October 31, 2008

Success! MTV Cancels TRL!

The show that brought dry humping, half-dressed slutty looking women, and obnoxious musical lyrics into your home every weekday afternoon will soon be spinning its last record. 

Read the whole story HERE!

October 25, 2008

Rihanna's Latest is Truly Disturbing

This song was the opening act at this year's MTV Video Music Awards. After viewing this music video, I am disturbed. Young children should not be exposed to such graphic depictions of insanity and darkness. MTV and Viacom programming executives should keep this in mind before they freely broadcast videos of this nature.

October 22, 2008

The Real Purpose

In a documentary titled The Merchants of Cool an NYU professor spells out exactly what MTV's strategy is. It's so manipulative it boarders on unethical. 

"The MTV machine doesn't listen carefully to children. When MTV revenues depend on being ahead of the curve, you have to listen, to know exactly what they want, exactly what they are thinking, so that you can give them exactly what you want them to have. Now that's an important distinction. The MTV machine doesn't listen to the young so it can make the young happier. It doesn't listen to the young so it can come up with startling new kinds of music, for example. The MTV machine tunes in so it can figure out how to pitch what Viacom has to sell"  
Mark Crispin-Miller, Communications Professor NYU 

October 20, 2008

MTV Doesn't Influence ... Think Again

If you don't think MTV has too much of an impact on the young people watching it's programming, check this out: 

Here are just two of many studies that show MTV can influence the minds of it's viewers. 

One study done by M. Calfin, J. Carroll, and J. Schmidt (1993) shows that college students who were assigned to watch MTV developed more liberal attitudes toward premarital sex than their peers who did not watch MTV as part of the study. 

The second study done by L. Greeson and R. Williams (1986) found that seventh and ninth graders were more likely to approve of premarital sex after watching MTV for just one hour. 

These are disappointing conclusions. MTV has such a wide audience and such an influence on them, it's sad to see them exert their power on society in such a destructive way. 

When kids watch MTV they see attractive people enjoying sex and not suffering any negative consequences associated with sexual activity. By doing this, MTV is representing to teens that it's fun, enjoyable, and okay to have sex because there are no downsides. 

In showing their music videos MTV is showing glamorized alcohol, sex, violence, drugs, and weapons. These videos normalize this behavior. Show teens it's okay to behave like this. 

Someone needs to tell them it's NOT okay to do all these things. MTV and Viacom need to stop airing programming of this nature. And if they refuse, change the channel. You are in charge! 

October 18, 2008

MTV Has Reached a New Low

This is a montage of clips from MTV's show Scarred. The glorification of injury as a result of this show is appalling. MTV should be forbid from airing programs that highlight this kind of footage.

 Is this really something our children should be watching? Or anyone for that matter? 

MTV Music Videos ... What You'll See

If you have never seen music videos on MTV, here are some things you should know. 

  • 75% of concept music videos (those that told a story) involve sexual imagery and more than half involve violence - usually against women (Pediatrics, 2001)
  • Nearly 1/4 of all MTV videos portray overt violence, depict weapons with attractive role models being aggressors (DuRant, 1997)
  • 1/4 of all MTV videos contain alcohol or tobacco use (DeRant, 1997)
  • A longitudinal study found a positive correlation between TV and music video viewing and alcohol consumption among teens (Robinson, 1998) 

October 13, 2008

MTV is Poisoning Our Kids

These are some JAW-DROPPING statistics. The numbers pretty much speak for themselves. 

Brent Bozell, president of Media Research Center, did a study of MTV back in 2005. Here is what he found: 

"MTV is the most recognized network among young adults ages 12 to 34, according to Nielsen Media Research."

"It is watched by 73% of boys and 78% of girls ages 12 to 19."

" Boys watch an average of 6.6 hours per week and girls watch for an average of 6.2 hours per week." 

My Super Sweet 16 Spoof

This man is dead-on accurate. I couldn't have described MTV's My Super Sweet 16 any better. 

It's absolutely disgusting how MTV and Viacom encourage this type of behavior among teens. Showing programs like this encourages viewers that it's okay to act like spoiled, self-centered brats. I don't see Viacom supporting shows about wealthy teens giving back to the community through service or volunteering. Maybe they should look into some of those, because unless they do, I will be taking my viewing eyes (their most coveted item) to another channel. Most likely Disney, because it's family friendly and appropriate for all ages. I encourage you to do the same. 

October 12, 2008

Giving Kids What They Want?

In an interview with PBS's show Frontline, Dave Sirulnick, Executive Vice President of Programming and News for MTV: 

"The new MTV is all about learning what kids want and delivering it to them" 

Is this really true? Is MTV really just listening to kids requests, or is MTV deciding what kids should want and force-feeding it to them? 

October 11, 2008

MTV Promotes Poo Diving

MTV had a show that ran from 2000 to 2002 which basically showed a group of guys doing the most moronic stunts imaginable. It was called Jackass. If you grew up in the 1990's then you will most likely remember this show. I was only 11 when the show first premiered. My parents forbid me from watching it due to the graphic nature of the show, but I remember everyone at school was talking about it. Below is a clip from the show. 

This is what MTV was marketing to teens... 

Eleven-year-olds were talking about this show. They were watching it. They were laughing at it. They were even imitating the stunts performed on the show. I don't know about you, but I certainly don't think this is appropriate for children and teens to be watching. 

October 10, 2008

Britney's Message to Young Girls

With this performance, Britney Spears told little girls all across America that:

Your body is your best asset. Flaunt your sexuality. Even if you dont understand it.

October 9, 2008

MTV is Unnecessarily Sexual

Parents Television Council (PTC) did a study of MTV's Spring Break programming (March 20-27, 2004): 

"In 171 hours of MTV programming, PTC analysts found 1,548 sexual scenes containing 3,056 depictions of sex or various forms of nudity and 2,881 verbal sexual references. That means that children watching MTV are viewing an average of 9 sexual scenes per hour with approximately 18 sexual depictions and 17 instances of sexual dialogue or innuendo. To put this in perspective, consider that in its last study of sex on primetime network television, the PTC found an average of only 5.8 instances of sexual content during the 10 o'clock hour - - when only adults are watching."

This means that every 1.3 minutes there was some type of sexual content on MTV! 
1.3 MINUTES! Is that really necessary? Is that really what kids and teens want? 

Viacom is Responsible for "Nipplegate"

I know everyone remembers it. The 2004 Super Bowl half-time show. 

This moment of national embarrassment was brought to you by your friends at Viacom. Please send your and your child's therapy bills to: 
Sumner Redstone
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

October 5, 2008

October 4, 2008

It's All One Big Loop

Going along the lines of the post entitled "The Real Purpose", the following case study about the band Insane Clown Posse demonstrates the point that MTV is setting the standard of what is marketed to children. They don't care about message, content, or quality. They are focused on pushing products, musical groups, and cultural phenomenon down our throats hoping that we will cave under their pressure and purchase something. 

Insane Clown Posse started out as an unknown local band out of Detroit. They were known for starting the genre of music called rap metal or rage rock. Their lyrics are known to criticize women and gays. Their fans were people who didn't care about fitting in with the mainstream. They were the rebels rebelling against the mega music labels and the big record companies and of all things, MTV.

 Then one day, Insane Clown Posse got discovered. They signed a deal with a major record company, and all of a sudden they were just like everything else that was created out of MTV. Almost instantly they fell victim to the MTV machine. They learned that if you want to be successful, you have to either be a part of the movement, or fail. What do you think they chose? 

Over the top looks. Over the top fans. Over the top lyrics. 

Is this where society is going? MTV and Viacom are teaching young kids to accept this as normal.

September 24, 2008

Follow the Money

There are 5 major media conglomerates in the world right now:

Each of these giants owns TV stations, cable channels, record labels, billboards, radio stations, magazines, book publishers, movie production companies, newspapers, etc... 

All of these companies are competing for your money. What results from this? 

"When you have a few gigantic trans-national corporations, each one loaded down with debt, competing madly for as much shelf space and brain space as they can take. They're going to do whatever they think works the fastest, and with the most people, which means that they will drag standards down".  
- Mark Crispin-Miller, Professor of Communications NYU. 

This quote could not be more true! There is one company, however, who is attempting to restore standards instead of bringing them down. Disney. They have taken the high, more mature road in upholding standards. They very carefully position themselves as a family network that is appropriate for all ages. I applaud them for this and ask that Viacom follow their example. 

Viacom, please do your part to make our world a better place. Create standards and limitations on what your MTV network broadcasts to America's youth.